Raymond John Westraadt

“Growing up in a city where the brutal and painful dismantling of an entire way of life was once deemed legitimate, I began to understand the careless disregard of man in an attempt to improve, irrespective.  My way of protesting this action is to try and stimulate a remembrance, the conscience thoughts of people by exposing them to that which looks and feels familiar.

The buildings I paint reflect an attitude rather than an image, abandonment and despair, but with reference to hope albeit only in our minds-eye.  The starkness of the buildings in a desolate background will serve as an intense focus on the story behind the lives that drifted through these buildings and not so much the building itself.  Although the buildings are devoid of life, the observer is left to draw their own conclusions as to the many stories that the image may evoke in them.

The images may have been born out of my intense appreciation of Surrealism, but the approach adopted by artists such as Edward Hopper wherein discourse constantly nags at the subconscious, is a constant driving force in my work.”