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Knichka (Kevin Boire) lives and works out of Montreal, Canada. He has a social work background and helps people with mental health issues defend their legal rights. First line witness of the difficulties mental health can bring, the difficult human conditions greatly influences his work.

As well, his preoccupation of environmental issues is perceptive in his artistic message.

Artistique approach;

« Making abstract stronger than reality… »

- Knichka

Knichka uses abstract as his artistic language in order to express the world in which he lives in. Oil on canvas is his primary technical approach and medium of choice. He works mostly with knives on thick coats of paint giving the final artwork a sculptural-like look. The use of ink and acrylic on diverse types of support is also part of the artist’s work.

He uses an intuitive approach to his work. Each artwork proposes a reflection on social issues, injustices, and environmental concerns. The artist is in constant search for a balance between colour, mass, form, volume and line movement. Furthermore, he continues to explore the relationship between light and obscurity, which is an important element in his quest for a harmony between despair and hope,

His influences are the Quebec abstract artists like Borduas, Riopelle and Ferron whom, through their art, had a major social impact on the working class. As well, Knichka’s work is shaped by artists such as Kadinsky and Pollock.

By creating abstract paintings with no focal point, without hierarchy and without figurative representation, his intention is to free the viewer’s imagination and leave them the power of their own perception . Thus, abstract becomes alive and concrete within each person… making abstract stronger than reality.

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In Montreal, Quebec, Canada: 514 994-8997

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