Jodi simmons

“The word ‘icon’ means image; in the context of art, it means image of the Divine. My first ten years working with icons were spent studying and painting as a personal spiritual practice in search of my image. Now, after 25 years, my work remains personal indeed, but the icon has expanded my sense of a person from my limited being, to a union with the larger image of the One which sustains all being and in which I participate. It has been a humbling and exalting journey which has blessed me with enduring amazement and gratitude for the sustaining symphony of harmonious beauty at play in our created world.

For a long time, I have been drawn to women from history who were strong and independent in the face of crushing patriarchy. From this came much inspiration, courage and help in freeing my consciousness to pierce the common patriarchal narrative of dominance, power and control - and to grasp how that narrative runs a parallel course between women and the natural resources of this planet. The connection has become increasingly clear, as has the severe imbalance and destruction it has caused. It has brought creation to the point of crisis.

As my vision of the Divine Image expands, so does my work. I can think of no better platforms than the Sheroes exhibition at Viviana Puello Gallery in which I participated this past April and the Artists For A Green Planet exhibition this coming November.”